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Vlog Video Recording Selfie Stick

Vlog Video Recording Selfie Stick

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Introducing the ultimate companion for your vlogging adventures – the Vlog Video Recording Selfie Stick! Elevate your content creation with this sleek and innovative tool that combines fun and professionalism effortlessly.

Designed for maximum convenience and versatility, our Selfie Stick boasts impressive features:

AI Intelligence and Face Tracking: Say goodbye to shaky footage and hello to seamless recording with advanced AI technology that effortlessly tracks your movements and keeps you in focus.

360-Degree Rotating and Tracking: Capture every angle with ease thanks to the Selfie Stick's 360-degree rotation capability. Whether you're showcasing your surroundings or filming dynamic action shots, this feature ensures you never miss a moment.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: Create to your heart's content with the built-in 2200mAh lithium battery, providing up to 8 hours of uninterrupted recording time. No more worrying about running out of power mid-shoot!

Comfortable Matte Material: Crafted with a matte finish, our Selfie Stick not only looks sleek but feels comfortable to the touch, ensuring a secure grip even during extended use.

With specifications that meet the demands of modern content creators, including:

  • Product Parameter Body Size: 19.7Hx5.2cm
  • DBase Size: 10cm
  • Tracking The Rotation Angle: 360 degrees
  • Phone Clip FlipX: 360 degrees / Y: 315 degrees
  • Mobile Phone Clip Stroke: MAX: 8.2 / MIN: 5
  • Rotating Speed: Approximately 42 degrees per second
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Power: 5V1A
  • Field Of View: 105 degrees

Available in three stylish colors – Pink, Black, and White – our Selfie Stick is the perfect accessory for every vlogger, influencer, and content creator.

Don't miss out on capturing your moments in style. Get your hands on the Vlog Video Recording Selfie Stick today and take your content to new heights! Package includes: 1 x Selfie Stick.

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